Slaughter, causing to fall of KRS, pigs

Technology of the full cycle of production of meat products involves a process of verification of condition of the live animal to finished products.

Animals delivered by specially equipped trucks to the base prior to slaughter - is an isolated room on the plant premises for the reception, accommodation, veterinary inspection, sorting and rest of animals. Slaughter for meat is permitted only for healthy animals.

Slaughter of animals for meat made on condition when it is identified by ear tag standard pattern and has the passport to this animal and veterinary card to passport.

Before slaughter animals are jammed (stunned) by airguns in a special box. Stunning of animals at slaughter is conducted under conditions that preclude their death.

Deboning - a separate soft tissue from bone, which is made by hand with a knife at fixed tables. Deboning process consists of two parts - cutting the mass of bones and muscles following removal of their remnants.

The company applies differentiated deboning when a worker operates with a certain part of mascara. With this method improves the quality of deboning and increases productivity

Meat (beef and pork) is deboned in a refrigerated state, with temperatures in the muscle thickness of the 00C and +40C.