06  2010

Charter Kozyatyn Meat Plant PJSC



1.1. Kozyatyn Meat Plant PJSC (hereinafter - the Company) is the successor subsidiary "Kozyatyn Poultry Plant" of JSC «Vinnitsa Meat» and JSC «Kozyatyn Poultry Plant».

The company created through the reorganization in the form of allocation of JSC «Vinnitsa Meat, BASED ON DECISIONS OF a general meeting of shareholders JSC «Vinnitsa Meat", protocol number 6 on February 5, 2000. and decisions of the constituent assembly JSC «Kozyatyn Poultry Plant» March 28, 2000.

1.2. Legal form - public limited company.

1.3. Full name of the Company:

Ukrainian - публічне акціонерне товариство «Козятинський м’ясокомбінат»;

Russian - публичное акционерное общество «Казатинский мясокомбинат»;

English - Public joint-stock company «Kozyatynskiy m'yasokombinat».

The abbreviated name of the Company:

Ukrainian language - ПАТ «Козятинський м’ясокомбінат»;

Russian - ПАО «Казатинский мясокомбинат»;

English - PJSC «Kozyatynsky m'yasokombinat».

1.4. Company Location: 22 100, Ukraine, Vinnytsia region, Koziatyn, Street. Dovzhenko, 33.