History of the company

History of LLC «Koziatynskyi miasokombinat» has more than 80 years. The company was founded in 1927 as just a poultry processing production, which later became a powerful enterprise in poultry and eggs processing, cattle slaughter, production of meat, sausages and smoked meat products.

In 2000, after the separation from JSC «Vinnitsa Meat» subsidiary "Kozyatyn Poultry Plant" became a JSC «Kozyatyn Poultry Plant».

In 2009 the name was changed to PJSC «Kozyatyn meat plant».

In 2019 the name was changed to LLC «Koziatynskyi miasokombinat».

Over the years the company has carried out numerously reconstructions and technical re-equipments to increase production capacity and improve product quality.

Now, the company includes: shop of slaughtering and cattle primary processing, refrigerator shop, cattle and pigs meat deboning shop, semi-finished meat product shop, sausage shop, manufacturing laboratory and service units.