Production of ready-to-cook foods

Semi-finished products - raw meat is prepared for thermal processing (boiling, roasting).
Semi-finished meat product shop engaged in manufacturing of various groups of semi-finished products:

• Natural semi-finished products - it cuts of meat with desired or random mass, size and shape of the relevant parts of the carcass. They are divided into large-pieced, portioned and small-pieced. Great chunks of semi-finished products are provided from meat dropped. This pulp or plate of meat taken from certain parts of the carcass half as large pieces, cleaned of tendons and thick surface film, while preserving muscle, connective and adipose tissue.

• Pickled semi-finished products are distinguished from natural not only by appearance, but also by flavor. The structure includes pickles spices, herbs, salt, flavorings, enzymes, various additives, vegetable oil.

• Chopped semi-finished products - a product made from minced meat. In addition to raw meat at their production is only used spices.